How to Shop

How To Order:

How to process order on Dreams and Desires:

Step-1: Go to Shop.
Step-2: Choice Your Plan.
Step-3: Put Quantity Value.
Step-4: Add to cart.
Step-5: Go to Cart .
Step-6: Proceed to Checkout.
Step-7: Fill Up (*) Your details.
Step-8: Additional Information (Order Notes)  Put Your Social URL and current count (It is compulsory).
Step-9: Proceed to Checkout.
Step-10: Place Order (Order will be processed after payment receipt).
Step-11: Pay using Direct Transfer to Bank.
Step-12: Mail Us your order number along with payment slip.
Done and wait 24 hours to check the progress.

Offer and coupons: Sent by mail monthly.

You can track its process (Click here).

If there are any questions regarding this how-it-works, you may contact us using the information below.

We Accept: Direct transfer to Bank only.

Important Note: Make sure you pay the same day of placing your order else your order will be discarded.